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Recovering from Robotic Lumbar Fusion

Because minimally invasive back surgery only requires a small incision, recovery time after the procedure is much shorter than with a traditional open spine surgery. The muscles and soft tissues surrounding the spine are left intact, meaning they don’t have to heal after the surgery. This means you will recover more quickly.

When you are home, you will need to rest, but you can resume your normal diet as soon as you feel like you can. After the surgery, you may have mild pain and soreness as you start to move around. However, this pain will improve in a relatively short amount of time. Unlike with other open procedures, heavy painkillers are not usually needed after a robotic fusion surgery.

Getting Back to Your Routine

How quickly you can return to your normal routine depends on your condition and the procedure you have experienced. You will probably need to miss work for the 5-7 days following surgery or at least reduce your workload. The full recovery time following a minimally invasive fusion surgery can vary but averages around 6-12 weeks. It should be noted that this recovery period is significantly shorter than that of an open procedure. Dr. Singh will give you a more specific timeline as you recover.

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