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As a courtesy to our patients, we will file your insurance forms from our office. To do this, we will require information from you. We ask that at the time of making your appointment, you inform the customer service representative of the type of insurance you have. Additional information will be required for those injuries or illnesses that are a result of a work or auto accident or if your case is under litigation.

Although we are contracted with several insurance companies, it is your responsibility to make sure that our physician is in your plan. Also, if your insurance requires a referral for any services or products, it is your responsibility to obtain the correct referral for those services.

Although Dr. Singh has opted out of Medicare, he would be more than happy to provide a surgical evaluation. The surgical costs of the procedure including the pre-operative clearance, hospitalization, medications, therapy, and post-operative visits are all covered under Medicare. The only fee that is not covered is Dr. Singh’s surgical charge. This charge can only be determined at the time of the pre-operative surgical evaluation.

At A Glance

Dr. Kern Singh

  • Minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgeon
  • Inventor and surgeon innovator with multiple patents in spinal surgery and instrumentation
  • Author of more than 10 textbooks in minimally invasive spinal surgery
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