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Orthopaedic Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Singh is an excellent surgeon. I slipped and fell and broke my spine at T7 and tailbone. I was in so much pain then he did a kyphoplasty on me and a few days later I was so much better. 6 weeks later no pain. Thank you. Very happy with my outcome. Sharon O. | Google Reviews

I had L5/S1 going down my leg and couldn’t even walk. Dr. Singh performed surgery on me and gave the opportunity to live my life normally again. He’s the man when it comes to Herniated Disc surgery! Jimmy D. | Google Reviews

Dr. Singh saved me! I was a mess and was wheeled in and crying when I first met Dr. Singh. As soon as the surgery was done, I was able to feel my foot again and had NO sharp pains going down my leg! Thank you to Dr. Singh and his team!! The nurses were super amazing to me on surgery day. I had a discectomy. Herniated disc was pinching my sciatic nerve and wasn’t able to feel my left foot and my left leg was in pain. I would say the first week after surgery was slow but I was ready to go after the second week. No pain meds needed and felt brand new! Jennifer P. | Google Reviews

My experience with Dr Singh was efficient, fast with a positive outcome! Went in with pain I had been experiencing for 5+ months, woke up from surgery with no pain, about a week of rest and recovery and back to work one week after my laminectomy/discectomy. The entire team was gracious, kind and informative. I was also impressed at how often they called me to check in on my progress. The toughest part for me was the headaches from the anesthesia.. it was also first time having surgery.. I highly recommend Dr. Singh and the team at RUSH Midwest Ortho Oakbrook, Il. Tina S. | Google Reviews

I had a herniated disc in my L1/S1 and had been dealing with on and off pain for close to 18 years. I met with Dr Singh who initially told me not to do surgery and I met with their chiropractor who was able to resolve my initial pain with stretching. I reinjured it about 2 years later, tried that routine, the injections and nothing worked. I couldn’t sit without being in extreme pain and frankly was just uncomfortable all the time unless I was standing. Dr. Singh did a microdisectomy and the pain is completely gone. The recovery took barely a few days. The toughest part was just taking it easy for the 6 weeks while you are at the highest risk for herniating again. I could not be happier and would highly recommend! Michael S. | Google Reviews

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