Failed Spinal Fusion Led Patient to Dr. Singh

Failed Spinal Fusion Led Patient to Dr. Singh

In late January, I met Dr. Singh, nearly two years to the date after my first and failed spinal fusion (done by a different surgeon). I was immediately impressed by not only his obvious knowledge, experience and how comfortable he left my wife and I feeling, but also that he was straight forward. From the beginning, he was clear about the routes he could take to repair the failed fusion and the impact it would have on my pain.

That said, he was also very clear about what was going to be required on my end. In a nutshell, I was going to need be fully committed to improving my health. My advice to anyone reading this is: Do not rely on pain medicine as your only source of relief. Work hard. Educate yourself on body mechanics. Take physical therapy seriously. Keep open communication and ask questions – big and small.

As I write this, it’s been 12 weeks since my surgery. I still have pain as I heal. I am taking a second round of physical therapy. On the road to recovery, there have been some very challenging days. However, I always feel that Dr. Singh and his team are truly interested in my progress, keep me well informed and are available.

Dr. Singh and his team did and continue to do a great job. I am very grateful for his abilities and to have had him as my surgeon.

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