Carson Wentz has fractured vertebra; 3 things to know

Carson Wentz has fractured vertebra; 3 things to know

According to media reports, a recent CT scan revealed that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has a fractured vertebra. reported that with proper rest, the injury should heal on its own with no further intervention needed.

What exactly is a fractured vertebra? Below are three things to know about Carson Wentz’s back injury.

  1. Carson Wentz’s back injury involves a fracture of his lower back. These fractures are medically referred to as compression fractures.
  2.  Compression fractures typically happen in patients who suffer from Osteoporosis; however, they also can be traumatically induced from contact sports, falls from a height, and motor vehicle accidents.
  3. Compression fractures do not typically require surgery as the body usually heals these fractures. For those fractures that do not heal a percutaneous (needle) injection of bone cement can be done to treat the fracture as an outpatient.

At this point in the season, it is unlikely that Wentz will play again if the Eagles are conservative with managing his injury and give him plenty of time to recover for 2019.

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