Frequently Asked Questions

Chicago based MISS - Dr. Kern Singh - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

For the majority of our fusion patients, minimal loss of flexibility is noticed. With the MIS approach, where possible, motion is spared.

Dr. Singh has sat on various committees, including engineering discussions regarding replacement disc implants and techniques. At this time, Dr. Singh does offer disc replacement surgery to select individuals who are good surgical candidates.

Once surgery is offered by Dr. Singh, patients can be booked for surgery within 1-2 weeks, providing they can be medically cleared for surgery.

FMLA / Disability paperwork will only be completed for surgical patients following their surgery.

Although Dr. Singh has opted out of Medicare, he would be more than happy to provide a surgical evaluation. The surgical costs of the procedure including the pre-operative clearance, hospitalization, medications, therapy, and post-operative visits are all covered under Medicare. The only fee that is not covered is Dr. Singh’s surgical charge. This charge can only be determined at the time of the evaluation.

Dr. Singh has performed over 2500 minimally invasive procedures ranging from straight forward diskectomies to complex scoliosis and tumor surgeries. He has pioneered and designed surgical instrumentation specifically needed for these complex procedures.

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