Spine surgery start time impacts same-day discharge: 5 key notes

A new study published in Spine examines the impact of surgery start times for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion patients. The researchers gathered data from a surgical database for patients who underwent ACDF from 2013 to 2015. There were 106 patients included in the study, either grouped into the early or late cohorts. There were 60 patients in the early cohort and 46 patients in the late cohort. Read More at Becker's Spine >>

The Healthy WAAY with Erin Dacy: Golfing after back surgery

Some athletes like golfers avoid surgery because they're afraid their performance will suffer. But experts say, golfers may be able to get back into the swing of things in no time at all. Mike Rude is swinging a golf club for the first time in two years!  Never-ending low back pain kept him from the sport he loves. Mike said,  "Living with constant pain, you know, it wears on you, and it tires you out." But last year, Mike had spinal [...]

21 smart spine surgeons with gifted business minds

A surgeon entrepreneur, Dr. Singh co-founded Avaz Surgical in 2010 to develop next-generation neural guidance and quantitative imaging techniques. Through Avaz Surgical technology, Dr. Singh and his colleagues are currently striving for a footprint in the lateral spine surgery market. He principal researcher in FDA trials focused on cervical disc replacement and motion-preserving spinal technology. Dr. Singh also actively participates in MIS spine instrument design. Dr. Singh completed his orthopedic and neurosurgical spinal surgery fellowship at Atlanta-based Emory University. Read [...]

Golfing After Spinal Fusion Back Surgery

ABC 7 CHICAGO -- How long should you stay off the greens after back surgery? Between 30 and 50 percent of all golfers will struggle with back and neck pain. Many of them avoid surgery because they're afraid their performance will suffer. But, golfers may be able to get back into the swing of things in no time at all. This is the first time Mike Rude has swung a golf club in two years! Never-ending low back pain kept him [...]

Kern Singh, MD Designs Catheter for Spine Procedures

Spine, back and neck orthopedic surgeons Dr. Kern Singh and Dr. Frank Phillips have worked together to design the Vital 5 ReLeaf Catheter aimed at reducing post-operative pain in patients undergoing orthopedic and spinal procedures. The catheter helps deliver an ongoing and controlled amount of local anesthetic to the surgical site via its unique and proprietary 'leaf catheter' design. "The unique design characteristics of the device make it uniquely suited to spinal applications," stated Dr. Singh. Further, Dr. Phillips added, [...]

Dr. Kern Singh Weighs In On Independent Versus Hospital Employment

Dr. Kern Singh discusses practicing as an independent physician versus seeking hospital employment in a recent Becker's Spine Review article. Dr. Singh, who specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, highlighted a few important issues for physicians to evaluate. "Independence may not be as important as maintaining private practice," said Dr. Singh. "If your partners are similar to the way you think and practice then growth becomes harmonious and natural." Looking forward to the future, Dr. Singh believes that, "...a balance [...]

Surgeon entrepreneur: Dr. Kern Singh’s quest to make lateral spine surgery more accessible

NuVasive dominates the lateral spine market with Medtronic being a distant second. Kern Singh, MD, and his colleagues with Avaz Surgical are trying to level the playing field with new technology focused on quantitative imaging. The Next generation of Neuromonitoring technology Current EMG-based neural monitoring technology has limitations. Patient comorbidities and anesthetic agents affect EMG monitoring thereby potentially increasing the risk of neural injuries with lateral-based procedures. Dr. Singh and his partners founded Avaz Surgical in 2010 to help develop the next [...]

Singh speaks to the importance of understanding MIS, lateral access to the spine

At the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery Annual Meeting, Kern Singh, MD, spoke about the importance of the topic minimally invasive (MIS) and lateral access to the spine for spine surgeons today. He said with the adoption of new technology there is a surgical learning curve and with it, comes complications. In order to transfer to MIS, surgeons must identify and manage complications early on.